Montana Anyone?

As Ron flies off to Alaska today, I’m looking ahead to his September trek to Montana, by way of Idaho.

In addition to his “regulars”, he could have time for some more machines to service.

Here is YOUR opportunity to finally get his talent and experience to give your Longarm a “spa day” just in time for the load of quilting you will be doing for the holidays.

Ron has all of September to fit you in, but has to plan a route, so get on his radar early.

He will be heading up through Grants Pass, in case you missed us when we were there this spring………….

As always, the best method to contact Ron is by email or text,


Alaska, get ready

Arriving in Anchorage August 13, for a nine day service tour through Southcentral Alaska (including Kenai Peninsula and Valdez).

Did YOU get on Ron’s list for service?

its not too late, call him at 406-550-9026

or email Ron at


Northwest for NEXT month’s rounds

Ron is on his way off to Hawaii,  which means it is time for me to think ahead to his August trip.

That service tour will be North to Alaska.

As usual, the best way to get onto his itinerary, is to email him directly, or text him at 406-550-9026.

Information he likes to have ahead of time, is what sort of “issues” you may be experiencing with your machine, if any.  “Well checks” are the best ones, right? But if there are special parts he needs you to have, that is best planned ahead.

Washington, Montana, fear not, you are “up” right after Alaska.

Next stop Hawaii and Oahu, this month

Ron’s trip is shaping up nicely for a Longarm service service tour of Hawaii.

He can still add anyone to this tour if you contact him today, before he secures his ticket.

The itinerary is Big Island Hawaii, then Oahu, then back to San Francisco.   Ron’s target arrival date is July 20.

call or text him today!  406-550-9026

email Ron at





Why is Ron driving?

Cranes and reflections pattern

Because Laura is binding a booth sample by morning, working on computer in the afternoons during the ride.                                                See the new continuous line pattern? Cranes and reflections, part of the new collection for (                                                          This is the point of our booth, to show off the patterns and introduce the website.



Machine Quilters Showcase our next stop


Last leg of the drive across Interstate 80 from Sonoma Wine Country.  We even drove through a rare May snow in the Rockies for many hours, now crossing the green plains of Nebraska. By night we’ll be hunkering down for the week in Noltings Manufacturing’s hometown of Cedar Rapids Iowa, location of the 2015 MQS.

Not too late to join us, it opens Wednesday afternoon, after we set up our booth.

We’ll be returning via Blackfoot ID, then Winnemucca NV.

Stay tuned, we’ll post some photos from the show.

Arizona, here we come!

Ron’s road trip to the Southwest begins next week, with a few days visiting machines in central California, and then on to Phoenix.

If you haven’t contacted him yet, and hope for him to visit your machine on this trip, be sure to write him at, or give him a call at 406-550-9026.

See you soon!