I Q class schedule for Spring Training

Laura is hitting the road for IntelliQuilter Spring Training classes.

If you bought your IQ from Ron and Laura, class cost is $10 (sorry the free spots are now taken)

If you didn’t but do want classes, the classes are $35, it is a six hour day with short breaks to stretch our legs.

Here is the agenda, all Saturday classes:

March 26  Las Vegas

April 2  Casa Grande, just south of Phoenix AZ

April 9  Kingsburg (just south of Fresno) CA

May 7  Anchorage AK

June (day not chosen, but before or after the quilt show)  Missoula MT

So, text or call Laura at 415-320-4369 or email at Lauraleefritzpaul@yahoo.com

Upcoming but not firm on date:

Houston TX just at the end of Market, or at least just before Festival

Boise ID on the road trip home from Montana, you there?  have a date or venue we can plan?

Sacramento CA, probably September when things cool down, we need a venue, but it is going to                 happen.

San Diego – Los Angeles  somewhere in between  Mid November

San Francisco Bay Area   early October.

Please check in with your interest, so I can keep you apprised of the un-dated classes, and as for the southwest road trip – it time to book NOW.


Looking ahead

heron quilting pattern by Laura Lee Fritz

San Diego, Yuma, Phoenix…all looking like a good route for the near future.

It looks like the Southern California calendar is pretty much full, unless you have an emergency, in which case contact Ron at 406-550-9026 with a text message or email houndhollr@aol.com.


In California, we learn in school, that this word means ” i found it”.

What it means here is that Ron’s next road trip is northward from our vineyard home in Sonoma

to Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna…

Need him to visit your machine for a tune-up?  Ask now before he hits the road, he’ll be heading northward on the 10th or 11th, of February.

After that, its Arizona bound.

Lafayette, you will be before this northward trip, fear not.

FUTURES:  Laura is teaching at Houston International Quilt Festival, whether she drives or flies depends on Ron getting jobs or her getting IQ training jobs on the way…no jobs, she flies, jobs – she rides along with Ron for a great roadtrip through the southwest.


A schedule begins

In brief, Ron’s service calendar looks like this:

January – Southern California, foothills

February – Northen California

March, April – Arizona

May? Back in California while Laura is in Alaska

June, July August – a route through Idaho, Montana, Washington


While in the southland

Your machine may need a service call from Ron, he has the time to wander his way back home from one studio to the next.

Ron can help your machine freshen up for the new spring season, contact him via his email address:


or with a phone call or text to 406-550-9026.

Are you coming?

California sunset


Road to California, in Ontario CA is Southern California’s giant quilt show. Ontario has its own airport, so fly in there, the convention center is right next door.

Hordes of vendors, all the “big guys”, will be there, with great quilting products, including IntelliQuilter. That’s the booth where you will find us for the entire show.

Show begins January 21. 2016.

We will host an IQ users meeting at our booth, what day works best for you to come?  Stay tuned, we’ll announce the day and time here next week.  What time works for you? I’m thinking Friday about 4 but am open to suggestions.

Happy New Year! Enjoy the lengthening daylight.



Happy Holidays Everyone!

May you be nimble as a goat, steady as a ewe, and have plenty of shoulder to stand on! Happy New Year, Ron and Laura

May you be nimble as a goat,
steady as a ewe,
and have plenty of shoulder to stand on!
Happy New Year, Ron and Laura



Quilted on our 14 year old Gammill Optimum with IQ onboard recording as I freehanded over my sketch traced onto Dissolve (thank you Superior Threads)…Laura


Here he comes

Here he comes

That was a whirlwind, instant turnaround from Reno to San Diego and other points southward.

Whats next? A bit of catchup with local quilting machines, from the Bay Area to the Foothills.

After Thanksgiving looks like East Bay, probably back to Gilroy.

First week of December puts Ron in the foothills, after that- it’s up to you.

Contact Ron now at 406-550-9026 houndhollr@aol.com to be included in his plans.

Next quilt show for us is Road to California, toward the end of January, and that is the perfect time for you in Southern California to get your machines serviced, and get your IntelliQuilter installed,   If you already have an IQ be sure to plan to come to the show for some free update training.

Thinking of ordering an IntelliQuilter for your longarm?  Totally great idea, call Laura at 415-320-4369 to explore that possibility.  We use two, one on each machine. Compact, powerful system,. in-studio installation, two days of training while the machine is being serviced and the IQ installed…what could be a better tool to add to your longarm?