Phoenix, he has arrived

Ron has caught a couple spring training baseball games after a day of quilting machine

baseball game up close in  Mazatlan

Baseball everywhere: Caribbean League Champions : Venados of Mazatlan, Mexico

pampering, which means, if you haven’t secured a date with him, this is the time.

In fact, I’ll be there next week, and will make the rounds with him for a few days too.

Laura Lee Fritz

text or call Ron: 406-550-9026


Phoenix Longarms, here he comes! Text Ron to get on his calendar.

Anther couple days in Yuma Arizona, and Ron will be off to Phoenix.  He will be working in the valley for  a while, so you still have time to connect with him for a service call on your longarm machine, for all points thereabout.  Yes Tucson is on the agenda, and the Mountains also.

Remember, to get on his service call list, text him at 406-550-9026

or email him at

spring training continuous line pantograph for quilting, by Laura Lee Fritz

New pantograph by Laura Lee Fritz: Spring Training

Thanks, see you down the road somewhere…wait, I’ll be at Salt Lake City for the new rendition of what was once HMQS – now called UQSM.  I will have a booth to introduce you to my own pattern website. So far it has been digital patterns only, but with the addition of a wide format printer in my studio, my website will now be offering printed pantographs in whatever size your machine uses best, and I will have a bunch of them for sale at UQSM. If this sounds like your style, and you are coming to Salt Lake, go visit and select a few for me to print for you and bring with me to the show. Until I load the links, just send me an email (in the “about us” section of home page) with your requests. Whether you are in the market for patterns or not, by all means stop by and say howdy.

Laura Lee Fritz aka Mrs Paul

Southern California Here He Comes

Need service on any brand of longarm?

Ron IS heading to southern parts of California, enroute to Arizona.

Its not too late to contact him for service, he leaves the Bay Area at the beginning of March.

Contact him now, 406-550-9026, or

ALASKA: mid July, is our date for your machines, don’t wait, plan now for his visit.

Alaska is such a long way, we are planning ahead


beachside sculpture in Mazatlan

beachside sculpture in Mazatlan

Yes, Ron is busy servicing in California for the winter. Now that we are back from a service and training trip to Mazatlan.


If you are south of the Grapevine, you should get on his radar for service during January or February.

For you up in ALASKA

, PLAN NOW so you can save the time for Ron to service your longarm while he is up this coming JULY.

To get on his schedule, email him at

or text him at 406-550-9026

teaching longarm quilters in Mazatlan, Mexico

Teaching longarm quilters in Mazatlan

California Longarm Maintenance Dates

Ron services ALL BRANDS of Longarm Quilting Machines.  Do not be fooled by mention of him being an IntelliQuilter dealer.

His specialities include old and new Statler Stitchers, non-computerized machines, and YOUR longarm.

The brands he services are all commercial longarms: A-1. APQS, Gammill, Nolting, Innova, Proto, Prodigy, KenQuilt

Ron Paul services longarm quilting machines

Does your Gammill need Ron Paul to service it?

He is in California for a couple months, Los Angeles and San Diego: schedule him for January, mid-state Foothills region December and end of November.  Northcoast mid November.


Are you a COMPUTERIZED longarm quilter?  visit and enter the following discount code for a 50% discount on all patterns you purchase until December 31, 2016

The discount code to enter at checkout is:   aaahooo

PIQF here we come

We are bringing the IntelliQuilter to you at Pacific International Quilt Festival once again.  October 13-16, find us right up front, just behind Bernina, on the right aisle.

Yes, this Computerized quilting system works on the Bernina longarm, as well as Gammill, Nolting, APQS, A1, Prodigy, HandiQuilter, well, just about all the “real” longarms on the market.

If you’ve been looking, come get your hands on this phenomenal system.  It does not “change” your machine, just adds capability to it.  Professional precise quilting partnered with your hand-guided freehand flying, at a one-button touch to switch between the two.  Record your own freehand work to create your own patterns, purchase patterns online, or just stick with the over-four-hundred patterns which come loaded in the system.

Come find us at the show, Santa Clara Convention Center, across the street from the Levi Stadium.

Pricing from $7950-12,500.

IntelliQuilter and

Longarm service! Get on Ron Paul’s NW calendar

Ron Paul is heading out to help you with longarm service on your quilting machines again, he still has room in his Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington schedule.

While others may be offering service, Ron comes to YOUR studio or shop, and brings 26 years of experience.

Ron is leaving California next week, so YOU should contact him NOW, for service in July and August 2016.

He plans his route from one community to another on a logical mapped path.  If you don’t contact him before he gets to your town, he will not backtrack to you.

How often should your machine get longarm service care?

You should count on having your longarm service done every other year, unless you use it as hard as his wife Laura Lee Fritz does.  In that case, once a year might be better, ask Ron when you see him.

Ron just replaced Laura’s take-up lever AND hook, both were seriously grooved.  Those grooves cut and grabbed threads, causing  nuisance loops or knots on the quilt backs, driving Laura “batty”.  She is skilled and experienced, at doing her own longarm service.  Like you, however, she had to wait for him to be back in town to apply his intuitive expertise to the problems she faced.  It took about 11,000 quilts on that machine alone, to cut those nasty grooves, You probably aren’t facing that particular longarm service job yet, but your need may be as important.  Oh yes, Laura is a happy quilter again.

Ron Paul brings longarm service to your quilting machines

Does your Gammill (or APQS – Nolting etc) need Ron Paul to visit for a longarm service call?

To contact Ron:  406-550-9026 (text is best, phone call ok)  or

Bonus for IntelliQuilter users

If you are hoping to find an IntelliQuilter class in the same region, contact to get on her schedule.  Classes start in Grants Pass OR August 13, and end in Sacramento August 24 more or less, with Seattle, Missoula, and ? in between.

Ron is planning his Northwest tour

quilting maachine road trip to northern California

On the road again

Soon, very soon, Ron will be leaving for service calls in Montana, Idaho, Washington…

Should you be on his list of studios and shops to visit for Longarm service?

Be sure to contact him now, while he is plotting his route.

Ron is reached at 406-550-9026

and at.

I Q class schedule for Spring Training

Laura is hitting the road for IntelliQuilter Spring Training classes.

If you bought your IQ from Ron and Laura, class cost is $10 (sorry the free spots are now taken)

If you didn’t but do want classes, the classes are $35, it is a six hour day with short breaks to stretch our legs.

Here is the agenda, all Saturday classes:

March 26  Las Vegas

April 2  Casa Grande, just south of Phoenix AZ

April 9  Kingsburg (just south of Fresno) CA

May 7  Anchorage AK

June (day not chosen, but before or after the quilt show)  Missoula MT

So, text or call Laura at 415-320-4369 or email at

Upcoming but not firm on date:

Houston TX just at the end of Market, or at least just before Festival

Boise ID on the road trip home from Montana, you there?  have a date or venue we can plan?

Sacramento CA, probably September when things cool down, we need a venue, but it is going to                 happen.

San Diego – Los Angeles  somewhere in between  Mid November

San Francisco Bay Area   early October.

Please check in with your interest, so I can keep you apprised of the un-dated classes, and as for the southwest road trip – it time to book NOW.


Looking ahead

heron quilting pattern by Laura Lee Fritz

San Diego, Yuma, Phoenix…all looking like a good route for the near future.

It looks like the Southern California calendar is pretty much full, unless you have an emergency, in which case contact Ron at 406-550-9026 with a text message or email